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Relocation can turn out to be a hefty process, and sometimes, that is not limited to the physical aspect; it extends to the emotional factor as well. At that time, having to put all the important things in a box, taking the cupboard of the house becomes too much to handle. 

Thus, the emergence of relocation companies has been truly a blessing to those in need. 

However, there are some questions which keep wondering about when it comes to relocation. 

It could be: 

Don’t worry; we got you covered. 

We will be talking about every aspect of a Packers and Movers Company that you must be aware of before hiring them. 

Social Distancing Guidelines

While hiring a Packers and Movers Company, there are certain things that we need to take care of, but in this pandemic era, we have one added parameter to check: social distancing.

Therefore, one of the first things to look for in Packers and Movers is whether they are complying with the social distancing guidelines.

For example, you could ask them these questions: 

  • What measures have you taken in light of the pandemic?
  • Do your employees wear masks and use hand sanitizers before, after, and while they are moving the furniture?

Insurance Facility 

Anything and everything is possible at any turn of events. We have to plan the rest of our lives, keeping that in mind. Thus, the idea of insurance is really helpful in a situation as such. 

While opting for a relocation company, be sure to inquire if they offer insurance facilities. It is nothing but a gesture of trust that is extended to customers as an attempt to safeguard their interests. 

What Does it Usually Cover?  

It covers the costs of any personal item that suffers losses while relocating. 


Now, we are all aware of the importance of experience. Apart from providing the employees with practical knowledge, it also assures the clients that they will be a perfect fit for the job. 

Ask for Testimonials

Thus, as you fix an interview with a prospective option, you can inquire about their previous clients. Ask them for testimonials or their contact details. You can choose to give them a ring and have a talk with them yourself, or you can take a look at their provided testimonials as well. 

However, you can also look the company up on the internet and check out their reviews as posted on their or other relevant sites. 

Efficient Transportation Services 

The transportation units selected by Professional Packers and Movers Service in Udaipur ensures that all the furniture or other items fit inside the vehicle comfortably. However, it's always better to be safe than to be sorry. Hence, before finalizing on a prospect, take a look at their transportation units and make it certain that these units will be enough for all your items. 

How Efficient are They? 

Efficiency, here, can be best defined in terms of their punctuality. Therefore, it revolves around how much work they can get done in what amount of time and if they keep their word when it comes to time. 

Door to Door Services

While most packers and movers offer door-to-door services, a lot of them refuse to do so. In that case, it is wise to have this conversation beforehand to avoid any confusion. 

What does it mean?

Usually, a relocation company includes these in their services: 

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Transportation
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Arranging 

Some companies focus only on the Transportation part and tend to be reluctant to conduct the rest of the process. That way, their fees are lesser than the ones who are diligent towards this entire process. 

However, we believe it is always beneficial to spend a few extra bucks if it ensures the absence of hassle.

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